Saturday, June 20, 2015

Broken Survivor by Jennifer LaBelle


Really enjoyed following Holly through many hardships and happiness. This story of ultimate survival teaches us we can not only survive but thrive in a life full of ups and downs. Murder and heartache follow this young woman through life and make the reader cry and get completely involved. The main reason for the 4* instead of 5 is all in Holly. It is really hard at times to follow her real age and maturity. The writing was good, I simply felt the heroines actions werent indicative to her life and age. I felt a little lost when it came to her behaviors and thinking.
Aside from the above it was a wonderful story. So many roller coasters full of emotion. You cant decide whether to wait for the proverbial other shoe to fall, OR think shes finally past her "cursed" luck.

By T.J. West

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June Tyndall and Phillip Caffrey are polar opposites.
June is a free spirit that owns and operates her own music label. She has tattoos, piercings and dresses like the rocker she is and the brand she represents.
Phillip is an architect. He is clean cut, prim and proper guy that works out at the gym and dresses in fine tailored suits.
There is nothing about June that Phillip finds attractive, especially her graphic body art. She isn’t the typical woman he goes after.
One drunken night leads June and Phillip into each others’ arms and bed. But for every action there is a reaction, and sometimes life changing consequences.
Will Phillip finally look past the image and see June for who she is? Or will he continue judging June and accept the consequences?
Can opposites truly attract?


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