Monday, January 12, 2015

Salice Rodgers New Release

Working at Frank's  and going home, is just another day in the life of Joslynn.  When the gorgeous Marshall starts a routine of visiting the restaurant and sitting in the same spot everyday, it thows her life in a tailspin. He seems to be searching for someone or something, and Joslynn's co-workers, Frank and Tank,  are determined to make her believe he's nothing but trouble.

With Marshall comes a string of events that put Joslynn in danger, and memories of  things long buried come to the surface. People she thought she could trust soon become the enemy.

Who is Marshall? And why does he seem so familiar to Joslynn?

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                   "This book defiantly gets 5* from me!! I honestly think this is some of the best work from Salice. She gives you these loving characters that will leave you wanting more as soon as you hit the last page. A fair warning ladies, you are going to die in the last chapter."

                  "Say Something has by far been my favorite book of Salice's so far....and I've loved them all! She broke out of her usual genres and brought us a great story of Marshall and Joslynn who you root for from the very beginning. She has a way of really making you fall in love with her characters and Say Something was no different! I can Not wait to see what happens next....that cliff hanger was a killer!"

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