Sunday, January 25, 2015

Toll of Another Bell Cover Reveal

A collection of out-of-this-world short stories that ring true in mortal hearts.

Breath: Jodi L Milner
The Guardian of Souls realizes her life is incomplete and sacrifices everything to find what’s missing.

Awareness: Timothy Vincent
To achieve the status of Magi, Jyn must pass his father’s ultimate test.

Phoenix: Elise Stephens
Orion loses his wife on their wedding day and uses dark magic to seek her in the afterlife.

Life Under Research Conditions: Thaxson Patterson II
Can a bioweapon possess a soul and make choices to save humanity?

The Year of No Foals: Scott E. Tarbet
A miraculous colt and a mysterious old man bring healing to a family ripped apart by tragedy.

Naoki No Yokai: F.M. Longo
Yokai have overrun a local village, and it’s up to Saga Naoki to discover the reason why.

Jilted River: Ginger Man
An Appalachian fairy tale attracts visitors to a state park, but then they start to disappear.

Tower Gods: J.R. Potter
A thirteen-year-old boy with an oxygen mask befits the role of hero in Watcher Benson’s eyes.

Reality As We Know It: Danielle E. Shipley
Where otherworldly magic fails, is Row’s friendship enough to mend Singer’s grieving heart?

60 Seconds to Midnight: TC Phillips
Fleeing an ancient evil, a young woman from amongst the stars finds unlikely refuge on Earth.

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