Monday, February 16, 2015

Big in Japan by Jennifer Griffith

  Big in Japan
               by Jennifer Griffith
Buck Cooper can’t remember when he became socially invisible—probably when he hit 300 pounds. Now he’s working a dead end job, getting no notice from his boss and no love from the cute secretary he pines for.
But when he gets shanghaied to Tokyo, all of that changes for the mild-mannered Buck—because this blond Texan is about to go sumo!
Peek inside the secret world of sumo, and cheer for Buck as he fights his way through the ranks— against bullies of incredible size—to win the heart of the girl he loves.


She never came to downtown Dallas. She stood over him in her daisy sundress, clutching and unclutching the strap on her patent leather purse. He stood up and let her have his chair. He perched on the edge of his desk.
“Is there an emergency? Dad—?” There’d been an accident at his lab!
“No, no, Buck. Everything’s fine. Oh, look at that picture of your grandma and grandpa’s farm. So peaceful.”
Yeah, it was. The photo served as his escape hatch some days. At least the family hadn’t sold the farm when Grandpa died, but kept it in a family trust.
“I mean—well, Buck, I came down to ask you a little favor.” Worry lines wrinkled her forehead. She wasn’t the favor-asking type. His mom was the favor-doing type. “I mean, it might be a big favor. I need you to go somewhere with me tomorrow.”
Tomorrow. Friday. Friday looked free. “Okay, Mom. No problem. Where?” He could maybe slip out for a family thing during lunch—lots of people did. Not Buck, but lots of other people, people with families, people with things to do.
Buck double blinked and shook his head.
“It’s in Japan.”
“I know where Tokyo is, Mom. What are you talking about?”
“Oh, I knew this was a mistake.” Her big blue eyes glistened. She pulled a handkerchief from her purse and dabbed at them.
“No, Mom. Just tell me what’s going on.” Usually she was a pillar, a brick.
“I told your father we should just use a travel agent, but he said the Yoshidas had everything worked out. Plane tickets, sightseeing, accommodations. They want us to stay with them, you know. I’d never ask you if—”

“Back up, back up. What are you talking about?”

                                                                     Author Bio:

Author bio:
Jennifer Griffith is a wife and a mother of five, and although she’s never seen a Jennifer Griffith is a wife and a mother of five, and writes all manner of romantic comedy--her husband supplies the romance, and the kids supply the comedy. She lives in Arizona now, but in college she lived in Japan for almost two years. At 5'1" tall, she never once sumo wrestled.

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