Friday, March 20, 2015

A few sales!

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A Steamy affair leaves one couple forever changed as a Rock Star haunted by tragedy teaches a cynical Groupie about love.

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Touching Ed: Silver Years Romance (The Silver Years Romance Series) by Allyson R. Abbott. 


A story of true life romance. A romantic but realistic love story. Have you ever read a romance story where ‘the throbbing rod of steel’ is replaced with ‘limp celery’? Or where the ‘dripping love juices’ is exchanged for ’pass me the lubricant, I am a little dry’. Read on.

When 50 year old Abby meets 62 year old Ed though a twist of fate, it takes a few meetings for her to realise that being older does not necessarily mean acting old.

With the spirit of a twenty year old, Ed’s busy life includes: surfing, kayaking, skateboarding, swimming and Salsa dancing for charity. With his loud laugh, loud shirts and eccentric habits, his personality grows on Abby and they fall in love; and into bed fairly early on into their relationship.

Abby, after spending years on her own reading romance and erotic books, was now looking forward to trying new sex positions and having ‘hot sweaty sex’. Ed had ignited Abby’s dormant fantasies and desires making her feel like a hot blooded young woman again.

This is where their journey of love actually becomes a challenge.

“I really liked Ed and his quirky little ways and knew that our relationship was not all about sex, we did have a great connection with each other and talked for ages and shared things easily, but I had been waiting a long time to find ‘Mr Right’ and if Ed was it, he needed to up the ante in the sex department. After all, I’ve not waited this long in the queue for limp celery.”

Abby and Ed embark on a journey of discovery as they deal with Erectile Dysfunction and the impact it has on their growing love for each other. 

**Touching Ed is the first standalone short story the in Silver Years Romance Series, which follows Abby and Ed on their new venture that continues in the next book in the series - ‘Managing Ed’ available in May 2015.**

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