Monday, November 9, 2015


GABRIEL (Killer Book 2)GABRIEL by Bonny Capps
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I rate this book with a 3.5 for now.
OK let me start this off with a few warnings. VERY dark read. There is just about everything dark you can think of all wrapped into this book. #2 If editing mistakes (especially obvious to the reader obvious) bother you, do NOT start this book.
Now to the review. I did NOT read book one so I am not sure if that would affect how well I understand some of what happens or not. There are quite a few things that I found confusing, or off.
Writing style was a definite plus, really enjoy Ms Capps writing. I think she has talent. I am looking forward to giving her another chance. I think theres potential there. Just not 100% either way. I cant say TOO much without hitting a spoiler, but there are somethings that pop out without ruining the story I believe. Gabriel has to overcome the whole living in the shadow of his father. Also a Gabriel, he gives meaning to the word of evil. Then theres Amelia who has her own demons to get past. And I say get past because they definitely arent something shell get over. I have to say Amelia is one of the things I questioned. One moment shes a completely hands off person. Not wanting ANY human contact. Then suddenly shes jumping Gabriels bones.

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