Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Several new reviews by yours truly

HeinousHeinous by Alexis Noelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to admit to a growing attraction to MCs. And this one did not disappoint. This is Twisted's story, and Nikkis of course. Other than that the story is rather typical, one night becomes so much more, between bad womanizer and sassy hater, it was very well written. Great characters, and development. Steamy, dirty talking, and sexy as hell. If any of those caught your attention, grab this book immediately. Ms. Noelle, has written this standalone to grab you with every panty melting character and then leave you panting. Love the roughness of the MC clubs, not always a fan of all their activities, but who doesnt love a bad boy in leather? Nikki reminds me alot of myself. My mouth has been know to kind of keep going even with my foot in it.

View all my reviews When Lightning Strikes (Lightning, #1)When Lightning Strikes by Kathleen Rovner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars from me ONLY because I am NOT a fan of cliffhangers that end in the middle of a scene. This book definitely does. Although I have to admit I knew it was coming.
I absolutely adore this story, and will definitely be a new life time fan of Kathleen Rovner. I love the way her characters are so naturally yet vividly developed. They are done in such a way that you, the reader, can absolutely picture them, yet not have every detail described so that you HAVE to see them the way the author does. I love when an author has that ability, and knows what the reader wants. Most avid readers do not want nor need the author to make the characters for us. We just need a push in the right direction and this story is spot on. Ms. Rovner does the same with the world in this book. I could easily picture the characters and their lives as naturally as if I was living it.
Julie is a great lead. I felt easily connected to her. Even though she is 16-17 through most the story it never felt like I was reading about a young girl. My only other slight issue was from how when something big happened (like she was attacked) the book then jumped kind of over that and into 2 weeks later. Its a little hard to swallow that those situations were jumped over, and that with lightning following her the way it does, her family didnt noticed she was like Jamie..... I liked the other characters as well. Jamie, Kara, the parents, etc. Even Roy for the part he's playing.
Overall I cannot wait to continue this story. I only wish authors would end with regular cliffs, and not huge gaping holes, right in the middle of a story.

View all my reviews Serial Killer Confessions: Just FriendsSerial Killer Confessions: Just Friends by Martyn Martello
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the idea of this book. I thought the idea of it was intriguing. I noticed some of the other reviews and was a little shocked, I on the other hand knew more of the reality of what happens with Serial Killers, so was not shocked nor disturbed by what this books contains. I am not sure what type of "PORN" the other reviews are talking about, and actually was more disturbed by that reference than anything actually in the book.
What I did not like was the repetitive nature. It seemed like the author was working a little too hard to make things seem realistic. I also felt the "friendships" in this book were taken a little too far. I just cant see many 18-20 year olds hanging out with their almost 50 year male professor. If he is really as socially awkward as it says over and over (even with Gwens help coming out of the shell), that is something he wouldnt have just overcome. There would have been clues, and most likely people would have sensed something was off. The fact that he spends alot of time "admiring" the females around him of all sizes, shapes and ages, and we arent supposed to think anything strange about it, but then suddenly he is disgusted by the one not young pretty and perky. Felt off
I do however enjoy that we get a good in depth look into the thought process. If one knows what to look for, there are signs all along that we follow. We as the readers can see little things form the very beginning that are off. I love that the author does seem to be inside the inner thoughts and we watch the progress from not "normal", to some what normal, to NOT at all normal.

View all my reviews Secret Father: A Sweet RomanceSecret Father: A Sweet Romance by Suz deMello
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a sweet romantic read! I enjoyed the ending I must admit.
OK so Dave Madsen suddenly, and literally overnight comes face to face with the woman he never stopped thinking about, left wondering why she didnt leave her address. AND his 6 year old son Mac. One injury leaves him on a maybe permanent leave form the life he loves. But opens up a whole new list of options. Mac will slowly become every thing he never knew he needed.
Linda couldnt believe her eyes! Was it really him? Theres no way she could possibly mistake those eyes. She had been staring at the mini version for years now. How to tell him?
I had a little issue with Linda's state of mind. She was so beyond back and forth. She was angry with Dave (even if it was only surface), when she had herself to blame. She spent so much time blaming him for things, losing her job, gossip around town, etc. When in truth it was her own fault. On one hand as we all know small towns talk. How no one ever put 2 and 2 together in those 6 years is beyond me. Then she gets put on leave from work (still confused about this) and she goes home and packs?! Why not fight, or commute, or something. Shes worried about her sons life being disrupted by "daddy" coming home, yet shes gonna uproot his whole life? There were just little things like this that were a bug to me.
On the other hand, I LOVED the hero's take on biology and such. I also enjoyed that the author was able to make Linda and Mac appreciative of nature without needing to make them biologists or such. Dave is a naturalist, so it was nice to not feel Linda and Mac as forced into appreciating nature. I didnt quite feel the heroine as much as I would have liked, but the other characters were really easy to love, and feel aligned with.

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