Sunday, January 4, 2015

Savor by Xavier Neal

Can you believe this is supposed to be the end??!! OK Soooo Maxx, and Logans story continues. (well concludes) Logan has gone to fulfill his lifelong dream of pro fighting with the big leagues. And Maxx and "The Kid" are left behind so to speak. Logan is relocated to SoCal, and Maxx is left with yet another hard decision to make. Will they both continue to be stubborn and pig headed? Or will they finally realize that things only really work out if they both talk, listen, and get over it? ROFL. This final book in The Senses was a wonderful tear jerker, with the usual Logan and Maxx tension, tempers, passion and of course SEX.... Lots and lots of all the above. I can promise Xavier has definitely done it again..

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