Friday, March 3, 2017

The hohum of everyday choices

OK so now I am having to decide..... Laundry or advertising? Dishes or blogging? LOL Seems like an easy choice right? You would think so, but as the child of a lifetime hoarder it is harder than it seems. I grew up with a single mom, who struggled through life trying to do what needed to be done for her children. Part of that struggle including hoarding. Hoarding everything. So I too struggle everyday to NOT be a hoarder. Which is rather hard. I have 5 children. One is disabled, and one has decided to make enough trouble she can make up for the others that were easy. Husband is gone for work From EARLY Monday morning through Friday night or even Saturday. So everything falls to me. I want to get this business up and running as I LOVE reading and editing.

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