Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Closing with my Review

 A story about dying with dignity, friendship and love

Two friends run a real estate business where they sell the homes of elderly, terminally ill people, and help them "close." Anne, a frustrated artist, is conflicted and breaks away to take some of her clients on a cruise meant to be their last hurrah, only to find some romantic complications. In this novel about dying with dignity, friendship, and love, Anne struggles in her journey to be true to herself.

Jenny Hudson, a designer and writer, creates novels, stories, poetry and artwork about contemporary
life. She has completed five novels and has written columns for several Boston area papers. She owns Merrimack Media and hosts and produces The Author Connection, an interview show for both readers and writers.

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I think the author does a really great job of creating both a world and characters you as the reader want to continue following. 
Anne has some life altering changes come out of nowhere, and has to make some hard decisions about where to go next in her life. From a 4 year relationship that is ended so HE can pursue a woman half his age, and after only 2 months. Also after allowing Charley to convince her that if shes unhappy in her job to quit it. Now Anne is alone and without a job. Her best friend Trudy offers her a job that she just isnt sure she should accept. But the money is something she cant turn down. After all, all Anne really HAS to do is sell houses right? WRONG. Then a massage turns out way differently than expected, and Anne has had enough. So she quits again. This time also leaving behind her college friend. Stephen might be the answer to her loneliness, but how will she ever get passed what happened with his mom? This is a book basically about a womans midlife crisis, and the many crazy things that come from it.

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