Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review of Setta Jays Guardians Series #7 SEARING ECSTASY

OMG! What can I say. Setta Jay has definitely done it again. What a wonderful installment in her Guardians Series. This particular book is a continuation of the Guardians, and as with the others, has a main focus on the Guardians job of protecting the realms. ALL of them. In this one they have to find a missing God, try to keep another one reigned in , battling the everyday foes, AND keep the ever growing number of mated pairs happy. We delve even more into the back story of the gods, and their roles in the realms. Then as if that wasnt enough we have the mating unfolding of 2 pairs, the main one and much anticipated union of Drake and his mate. Can he finally find a way to help Dehlia? Or will she be forever doomed to have to suffer? There is another pair or spitfires trying to fight through the mating frenzy. And you know what that means for the reader..... Tons of OMG steamy scenes. Both pairs in this one have fire elements. Let yourself get tied into the Guardians and their love, steam, and stories! You wont be sorry.

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